15 Things People Do/ Say That Get On My Nerves

I Feel like having another bitch session lol. I wonder if i get irritated TOO easily lol.

1: I Hate when people ask me “how do you do this?” or “How do you use this”…Well I managed to work out it BY MYSELF so how bout you give that a try kmt. Using me like some instruction booklet.

2: Being late (in particular black people) Why is that an invitation or event says 7pm, which means, arrive at 7pm i assume. Yet, you think its ok to arrive at 9. But why?? That means there was no point in actually having a set time if your gonna come whenever you want kmt. Some people even PLAN on being late! Invite says 8pm they’ll be like ” ok i’ll start getting ready at 7 and get there 9″ Erm… WHY?? you just PLANNED that you weren’t gonna be on time? You have NO intentions on being a good person and being on time? Why do you think you’re ALLOWED to be late? What kind of ridiculousness!!

3: When i’m arranging a party or drink up and some idiot asks “What are we gonna do there?” What do you MEAN what are we gonna do? What do you do at drink ups or parties? Why do you need a list of activities? Just turn up and you’ll see init. kmt.

4 : Also when they ask “Who’s coming?” when they don’t know any of the people who i’ve invited, so me telling you jim, bob and Sandra are coming aint gonna make a damn difference to YOU cos you do not know them!! Irritating behaviour

5: People having stupid middle/ last names on Facebook. E.G Shanice odt Minaj …Erm…your name ISN’T Minaj, you DON’T look or act like her, so why you beggin her name? Explain to me? I bet no one calls you Minaj. FACT. Or just having “Don” or “Swaggalicious” or “Boss” in your name. if you WAS a don or a boss, you wouldn’t need to have that as your name because people would know already. You probably wouldn’t even have Facebook either lol. Silly Humans.

6: Dictionary definition of a “Boss” – ‘An employer or a supervisor. One who makes decisions or exercises authority.’  Rick Ross has gassed up a lot of peoples heads! You are NOT a boss. Do you own a business (legal) ? Do you have employers on pay roll? No? Didn’t think so either. So behave yourself.

7: “No homo” I 100% i hate that phrase.. I saw this tweet recently “Hey txt me…no homo” Erm, why is it GAY to text someone? Now i’m questioning the context of your usual text messages! lol. Guys be like “Oh that guy looked sexy in them jeans. no homo” < because im going to think ‘oh he said no homo, thats ok then’. kmt.

8: ” I’m just doing me” – So who was you copying them previous years before you made that decision?? KMT. Stating the Obvious, you was put on this earth to do YOU, why you making it seem like your doing something brand new?

9: Why is it SOME ( i say some before you males start bitching bout me stereotyping you lol) Boys think its ok to talk to women like crap, treat them like rubbish, cheat and hurt them. Yet have the cheek to be like “No one can treat my sister/ cousin like that”. So Why is it you can treat OTHER females like that?  A friend did make a point however, that if a girl ALLOWS a man to treat her like that, then why not? Fair point; however you should treat ALL women with respect. FACT.

10: A question to all females. WHY do you care if another girl is a slag/ hoe/ slut whatever you call them? What concern is it of YOURS how many guys she sleeps with? FACT : Girls only care that another girl is a hoe because that female either A) stole their man B) Broke up the relationship of someone they know or C) is clearly getting more guys than you! Am i Lying? I think not…

11: Guys. This is a BIG thing that some of you do that REALLY irritates my skin! Why do you feel the need to let the world know that you have swagger by writing it in your Facebook statuses, names, on twitter, anywhere that people can see it?! Why do you need to let people know how much you spent on your shirt? Why do you need to let people know that you “Pop bottles” in raves?  FACT: If you REALLY had swagger, people would be able to SEE it. You shouldn’t have to convince me that you have swagger. Swagger is not just about what you wear. Its about how you wear it, how you present yourself to others. Just cos your hat, shirt and vans are the same colour purple, or your wearing that too small Cavalli Shirt does NOT mean you have swagger. You’re only attracting other MEN and GOLD-DIGGERS. If thats what you want then hey, but REAL women don’t care, and thats who you should be attracting!

12: I Write a status on Facebook, and it says for E.G ” i Like Bubbles” then some idiot will be like “Are you still coming 2moro?” or something IRRELEVANT. I’m sorry. But what does that have to do with my status?? Do i not have a wall, or Inbox or Facebook chat, or a mobile phone or twitter for you to ask me that question? are you just being ridiculous on purpose? Kmt

13:  I hate attention seeking people, or people who imply things so you can ask them about it. E.g  I’m talking to someone about jeans, and they’ll be like “oh yeah i saw some and chris said they would look nice on me” Knowing that i have NO idea who chris is so that i can ask who he is. But I don’t care. Actually. And i wont ask about it. How bout dat? kmt.

14: Don’t you hate it when someone you know has an argument, or you overhear one. And then that person will re-tell the arguement, but will change and add things that was never said to make it seem worse than it actually was? Like, why are you lying? That didn’t happen i was there lol. Silly Humans.

15. Everyone knows the Drake track ” I Just wanna be successful” right? I see it in sooo many statuses, quotes etc. Erm, how comes only when it came out you wanted to be successful? So what was your future really saying before that song came out?? lol. hmm…

Well…Thats enough bitching for now. I’ll save the MAJOR irritating things for another blog. Trust me, i have A LOT to complain about :D If you think i’m too moany a) you don’t know me and b) don’t read any of my other blogs! lol

But anyways, get at me, what gets on YOUR nerves? It can be absolutely anything. Have a good ol’ rant lol..


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  1. I one hundred percent agree with this post Rissy! I’m #AntiBitch though.
    But it’s soo true! I Co*Sign on most of these statements…

  2. LMFAOOOOOOOOO…..You are just thee funniest person.
    Well not as funny as me but ya kno, not alot of ppl are! But dats mad joke doe, da lateness ting boii…jarrin but we do it all the time dont lie lool and “Im just doing me” LOOOOOOL dont even made me lauf mate! too funni!

  3. LOOOL It’s a official.. You are the moaniest cow I’ve ever known in my entire life!!!! But at the same time… All this bitching is soooo true!!! LOL Especially Bitch Number 12 about the status thing.. I HATEEE ITT!!!!! :@

  4. You know what….I cant lie I do a couple of these….But you had me crackin up from number 2….and that Drake one Jarred the hell outta me in the summer! This Blog Is Real Talk!

  5. ugh i absolutely hate the fact girls call themselves minaj. its so pathetic, why would wanna anyone wanna do that? and guys call themselves wavey, your not max b so get off his tip.

  6. looooooooooooooool 7 and 9 are so funny. I can’t lie most of the most do apply to “MAN DEM, GAL DEM”. I think its time to start jamming with white people im moving to the YORKSHIRE safe. lol


  8. Yeah das reel u kno,, who’s comin?… Dave, lauren and sarah,, who are they?? : /

  9. das reel u kno! whos comin? bob, jone and lisa…. who are they? : /

  10. This post is hilarious. 100% true for all of them.

  11. Vivien Jocasta Durrant

    This is a very good site by Miss Cherry, i have things that people say which get on my nerves some people are so negative and turn you off of things you might want to do in life. And i can’t stand people who are always talking behind people’s back and pulling them to pieces. They are all nice in front of them and as soon as they are gone they start their bitching. Another thing i can’t stand is people who who want to know all your business and keep asking until you give in, the more they push with me the more i clam up so it doesn’t work with me at all.

  12. I have spread this nice blog

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